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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Project Unconditional: Stunning Photographs Of Senior Dogs And Their Owners

Dogs have always been central to Jane Sobel Klonsky’s personal life, but only after a 38-year career as a sports and commercial photographer has she merged both her visual and canine passions.

Her Project Unconditional is an attempt to document, through photos and short stories, the special relationship that exists between an owner and an older dog. Klonsky, 67, is planning to publish the collection as a book.

"I just let people write whatever they wanted about their connection with their dogs, not knowing if I would use it," she says. "And when people wrote they just poured out their hearts."

The Manchester, Vermont, resident traveled all over the country and photographed more than 175 dogs with their people, from Doc, a retired sled dog in Alaska who completed six Iditarod races, to Savannah, a guide dog for a blind owner in Albany, New York.

The owners range from a fifth-grader to a 90-something.

"People with older dogs have an intense sense of compassion and deep connection with them," says Klonsky. "I think it may be that on some common level the two understand one another. It is absolutely beautiful to watch and a privilege to be able to share."

See some of our favorite shots here, and visit Klonksy's website or her Facebook page to see more photos and to learn the stories behind them.

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