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Friday, April 10, 2015

This Powerful Social Experiment On Racism Will Change The Way You Think

"This experiment will change the way you think" is the title by which the Lithuanian newspaper www.svetimageda.lt, is trying to alert the world on daily behaviors of racism and homophobia. 

In this social experiment , the space is a waiting room for a supposed casting. There, an immigrant asks 10 strangers to translate a message someone wrote on his Facebook page, because it is in Lithuanian, which he cannot speak.

Everyone accepts to help him, but find it difficult to translate the message. Specifically, they refuse or cry and apologize for the message. The reason is that the message reads: "Monkey, what are you doing in Lithuania? Go back to Africa. Take your smell away from here. If you do not, we will come to find you. And from your enslaved skin, we will make shoes."

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