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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Project Superhero Photographs Children With Special Needs From A Wonderful Viewpoint

Photographer Renee Bergeron's son Apollo was born with a double aortic arch, a rare congenital heart defect. Apollo was diagnosed at 18 months old and has undergone two heart surgeries, had a g-tube placed and countless other medical procedures. After seeing how much he enjoyed the super hero images of himself, The Superhero Project was born. Renee now shares her gift of photography with other families of children with special needs. You can see more photos at: Little Earthling Photography.

"Like most little boys his age, Apollo believes he is the biggest, strongest superhero ever.
And I’m not about to tell him any different..."

"I am a professional photographer, so when I saw how much he loved the photos, I decided to start doing this for other families of children with special needs,"

"Cody is a gorgeous red-head who just happened to be born with an extra chromosome. He is the delight of his mother’s life and lights up any room he walks into."

"Melanie is a bright and energetic 4 year old, who wakes up every day smiling. Melanie has a diagnosis of autism, as well as epilepsy and sensory processing disorder. Even though these conditions make things a lot harder, Melanie has shown nothing but happiness and perseverance."

"The Superhero Project sessions are sessions designed for special needs children. These sessions are done free of charge to these families. My hope is that we can spread awareness about special needs, while giving encouragement to families through the gift of professional photography."

"Victoria was born with Congenital Femoral Deficiency. This means the femur in one leg is shorter than the to her. She is a beautiful, shining girl who will undergo a series of operations to lengthen her leg as she grows. You can learn more about Victoria here."

"Mordecai was born missing several fingers and toes. He has had three surgeries on his hand over the years to increase his range of motion. In addition to that he was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder at age two and a half. He is currently in the fifth grade. Mordecai loves animals, babies, music, LEGO and books."

"Avi is eight years old. She is vivacious and full of life. Avi faces a variety of sensory and social challenges. She never lets that slow her down, however. She is in second grade and loves horses, swimming and books."

"Avery was the first super hero I photographed and I learned so much from her. She was born a preemie and is a twin. Avery has gone through multiple brain surgeries and has a g-tube."

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