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Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Thought This Puppy Was The Cutest Thing Ever...Until I Saw His Fluffy Friend

What's even more heartwarming about this story is that the two furry friends have already found forever homes. Even though it was everyone's hope that the pair could be adopted together, it sadly wasn't possible, since Chompers (true to her name) became a bit too rough with little Ruggles. Due to his health problems, it was determined that it'd be best for them to be adopted separately. Separation aside, both of them are happy and very much loved!

Ruggles was also made the official ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter — the shelter that rescued him from that dreadful puppy mill. He and his human have been busy visiting local schools to educate kids on puppy mills and animal adoption.

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source: Viralnova

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