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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Forget Your Standard Idea Of Beauty - Photographer Proves That Female Beauty Is Everywhere

Do you think that only the women in your country are beautiful? Take a look at this amazing and diverse photo collection from 37 countries!

Mihaela Noroc, a 29 year old photographer, made an exciting journey across the globe in order to initiate an interesting project called “Atlas of Beauty“.

With this project Mihaela aims to prove that beauty can be found everywhere and it is not limited by race, money or trends. The diversity of beauty presented is overwhelming, even though some may that she focused mostly on a certain type of look.

However, that does not lessen her success and Mihaela is looking forward to continue her atlas soon: “I photographed women in 37 countries, but there are more faces on earth to be discovered” [1].

If you are interested, you can contribute to this project by making a donation, just visit her Indiegogo site.

So, which country is your favorite? Which countries should Mihaela visit next? What do you think about her project? Leave a comment below…

Tibetan Plateau, China

Maramures, Romania

Baltic Sea, Finland

Shiraz, Iran

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Yangon, Myanmar

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amazon Rainforest

Colca Valley, Peru

El Paico, Chile


Nasir al-Mulk, Iran

Little India, Singapore

Riga, Latvia

New York, USA

Havana, Cuba

Chang Mai, Thailand

Oxford, UK

Tibetan Plateau, China

Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Bogota, Colombia

Havana, Cuba

Medellin, Colombia

San Francisco, USA

Sydney, Australia

Taskent, Uzbekistan

Tbilisi, Georgia

Otavalo, Ecuador

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Maori Marae, New Zealand

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source: Seenox

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