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Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY Glowing Jars: Make Perfect Night Lights for your Yard or a Party

The dark can get truly startling for your kids. This DIY will make you sure they have a night light to help ease them to sleep at night time. And if you like that, you can also use it as decoration in your room.

This is a perfect approach to make your own glow in the dark night light in whatever color they lean toward!

The recipe for this glowing jar is:

  • Find great jars
  • Fill said jars with water
  • Buy a batch of glow sticks, and carefully! mix a broken glowstick in each container -and wham: spooky lights in the yard.

Cautioning: Glow sticks are hazardous and toxic so don’t let your kids play with them on their own or throughout the methodology of making these.

A spooky glowing jar trick...

  1. Fill a jar with water.
  2. Take the guts of a highlighter out of the pen casing and pop it in the water.
  3. Let it sit overnight.
  4. Take out the highlighter guts and the water now glows with lit up with blacklight.
These would be astounding for a young boy or young girl’s room!

Here’s an alternate simple approach to make glowing jars but a more adult variant.

The picture above utilizes highlighter fluid and fake plants/animals. Let the highlighter and water sit overnight and afterward take out the highlighter internal parts out of the water which abandons you with glowing liquid.

These fairy or firefly jars are super simple to make too! Cut open the glow stick and shake it into the jar, include precious stone sparkle and shake everything up…TA DA!

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