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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

20 Complete Strangers Kiss for the First Time [VIDEO]

I don't know if it's the song selection or because it's in black and white or the fact that everybody in this video is so attractive, but what started out as incredibly awkward—seeing two strangers meet each other and kiss—turned into something pretty damn beautiful. The premise of the video, called First Kiss and directed by Tatia Pilieva, was to get 20 strangers and have them kiss each other for the first time. It gets electric.

The video really highlights a huge array of emotions. It starts by showing people visually feeling awkward and trying to make small conversation to smooth things out. We see a bit of talking, fidgeting, and looking around as the strangers worked their way in for the actual kiss in some casual and clearly nervous manners. It is kind of amusing in a cool way because I think anyone in that position would feel almost exactly like these people. “What was your name again?”“This right here is the awkward moment. . . ”“Just go whenever?” – were probably my favorite quotes to start the video.

Once everyone seems to get passed the slight awkward phase, they seem to just go for it. Multiple couples kiss like they’ve been training for this moment for years. After the “first kiss” is shared, you can almost sense a connection between everyone. Holding hands, constant smiles, and asking if they could keep kissing are just a few hints that this experiment really brought strangers together in a way that you wouldn’t expect. It's unexpectedly touching, like watching a documentary turn into a romantic comedy that doesn't suck.

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